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Top 5 Benefits of a Pinterest Business Account

Omnichannel marketing is a big strategy used among almost large brands in the United States. But how can small businesses use these same tactics for little to no cost? Social platforms offer business accounts at no cost which allows brands to access specific analytics on everything posted. Pinterest’s emerging business account feature is a great way to monetize the platform.

Spot Emerging Trends

Follow influencers in your industry and other similar brands/businesses to keep an eye on the trends popping up. Pinterest is used by consumers to spot ideas and inspiration for popular products, trends, and designs. Leverage this by tailoring your content to align with these trends. TIP: Use the search bar to spot trending searches.

Increase Brand Authority

On your business page, add branded content to the header, view insights on pins, and include your Pinterest verified website. Each of these elements contributes to your brand’s authority on the platform.

Drive Website Traffic

Not only will your business page include your web address, but it is important to include links on each individual pin. Having clickable pins will increase outbound clicks and in turn, increase your site’s traffic. Use captions to your advantage by including information from the landing page (which also contributes to your brand authority and customer trust).

Run Ads and Promoted Pins

The ability to promote pins and run ads is a huge benefit of a Pinterest business account. Target specific groups and see more success on Pinterest than ever before. Because Pinterest functions like a visual search engine, ad targeting is very powerful on the platform. Pinterest advertising is among the most affordable advertising platforms.

Access Your Analytics

View impressions, engagements, clicks, view, revenue, and so much more. These analytics allow you to tailor your content to viewer preference. Under analytics, you can also view your ad spend, ROAS, CPC, and more.

How To Perform Well On Pinterest

Optimize Your Profile

Use your company logo in your profile picture and optimize it using the Pinterest size guide. Create a captivating header photo that tells your brand’s story. Write a brand description that defines your business and tells your followers what to expect. Include your website link. Highlight your best boards using the “Featured Boards” feature.

Set Clear, Realistic Goals & Take An Organized Approach

What are you goals associated with creating a Pinterest biz account? Gaining followers, brand awareness, website traffic, or increasing sales? One of the greatest benefits of using Pinterest for business is that it functions as a visual search engine, meaning your follower count makes up the lowest number of impressions your pin may get. This also means creating valuable and relevant content is essential for success.

Develop A Power Content Strategy

Beautiful images, instructional content, infographics, and inspirational posts are among the highest performing posts by Pinterest biz accounts

Follow Creative Best Practices

Stand out with graphics and imagery that are optimized for the platform. Pinterest graphics should be a 2:3 ratio, include your brand logo, and have CTAs. Be sure to also choose images with context. Pinterest prioritizes lifestyle images and other images that bring your product to life.

Do you use Pinterst for your business? Are you interested in learning more about how using Pinterest business can benefit and grow your business? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can help!

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