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Why You Need A Welcome Flow

What Is A Welcome Flow?

A very brief explanation is… a Welcome Flow (or series) is the first email your subscribers receive upon signing up for your newsletter. It is beneficial for a variety of reasons and is important for brand awareness, loyalty, and information. Welcome Flows typically have the highest open rate (63% higher than a traditional email campaign and 83% higher click-through rate).

Why You Need One…

First off, it’s automated. A flow is always running to potential customers who are seeking more information about your brand or product. Timing is everything when it comes to marketing, and that’s no exception with a welcome flow; it reaches potential customers when it’s right for them. You want to connect with your audience as soon as they sign up while your business is at the top of their mind. It’s also reassuring to immediately receive that first email as confirmation that they successfully subscribed.

What Should Your Welcome Flow Include?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of email marketing, and how owning a channel of marketing is beneficial to your business. A Welcome Series can draw in subscribers with a discount code or special offer in exchange for subscribing. This is also a good place to provide information about the brand, reviews, or FAQs. With Klaviyo’s easy A/B Testing, you can test different content to see what gets your audience most excited and engaged.

You’ll want to follow up with a second email in the series to encourage further connection with the potential customers. Having a second email in the flow allows you to get more information in front of people without lengthy emails that are likely to be abandoned. It also sets up the perfect opportunity to get your brand in front of your audience multiple times when they’re highly engaged.

There’s more to a successful Welcome Series than a “bounce back.” It creates engagement and relationship between your brand and the customer. Interested in learning more about email marketing, welcome series, or how we can help? Schedule a call!

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