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Shopify's Best Apps For Business In 2022

Shopify has released its Top 5 Apps to try out in 2022. As you may know, we work exclusively with brands that use Shopify as their host site. Shopify is easy to navigate, and its wide range of apps really allows each brand to have a unique site and shopping experience. Recently, we shared our own Top 5 Shopify apps, and you can read more about them here!

Here’s what Shopify said about their apps to try in 2022:

🏆 Subscriptions: Recharge

Recharge has made it easy to sell your products on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. If you want more predictability in your business, return on marketing investment, and a steady cash flow on a monthly basis, this is the way to go.

🏆 Growth: RetentionX

It’s the ability to bring customers back again and again, while aggressively acquiring new customers, that gives best-in-class brands the edge. RetentionX is here to solve this challenge. First-party data will redefine the eCommerce landscape in the coming years.

🏆 Email: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the leading eCommerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem. Over 265,000 stores around the world use Klaviyo to send personalized emails, SMS messages, signup forms, and more.

The platform scales with your business no matter how much you grow—so you can go from launch to running a billion-dollar brand without slowing down or switching platforms.

🏆 Support: Gorgias

Gorgias is a help desk (help center or customer support) for eCommerce stores that allows your customer service team to manage all of your support, customer service in one place. Top Shopify stores use Gorgias to reduce ticket first response time and increase the efficiency of their customer support teams.

🏆 Landing Pages: Shogun

Build Your Store, Your Way. Create stunning, fast-loading storefronts that drive more conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty.

🏆 Reviews:

Instantly increase your on-site conversion rates by collecting and displaying customer reviews. content license with Google means your reviews will show on Google Ads, Google Shopping & Google Natural Results.

Do you use Shopify for your eCommerce site? What apps are your favorite for your business? Have any questions for us or want to know how we can optimize your brand? Schedule a call using this link for more information!

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