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The 5 Best Shopify Apps

We love helping clients optimize their Shopify sites for a great customer experience! An optimized site leads to higher conversion rates and, in turn, lower bounce rates. One reason we opt for a Shopify site rather than any other eCommerce platform is their extensive offering of apps you can integrate into your site for better analytics, site speed, and customer experience. Different types of eCommerce sites require different apps, but these are the 5 apps we recommend for any business or brand using Shopify.

1. Judge.Me

  • Judge.Me is a straightforward app to collect customer reviews. It’s easy to use and to install. One of the best features is the app's ability to automatically show the ratings and number of reviews on your site’s collection page directly under the product image. Customer feedback is an important factor in raising your site’s conversion rates. Furthermore, the app’s support team is friendly, accommodating, and on top of any problems.

2. SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer

  • The SEO Image Optimization & Resizer is a quick way to square and compress images on your Shopify site. Google ranks pages with consistent images higher on the SERP (search engine results page). In addition to squaring off your images, the app can compress your images to increase your site speed. Having a faster site increases your site’s conversion rate. “Walmart found that for every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by 2%!

  • ​​Pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds had a 1.9% conversion rate

  • At 3.3 seconds, conversion rate was 1.5%

  • At 4.2 seconds, conversion rate was less than 1%

  • At 5.7+ seconds, conversion rate was 0.6%” Source

3. PageFly Landing Page Builder -

  • Seamlessly integrate any type of page to your Shopify site with this app. The PageFly Landing Page Builder is an easy way to create a unique home page for a sale, a giveaway landing page to solicit email marketing subscribers, blog post pages, and product pages. While this app does take a little time to learn how to use properly, it integrates with your theme and your site with a branded domain, which is a great factor in keeping pages seamlessly branded.

4. EasyStock

  • EasyStock is an app that shows an inventory widget on your product page and on collection pages. You can set the widget to alert customers when the item goes below a certain stock threshold. This creates a sense of urgency and converts your customers when the stock gets low. The scarcity creates value because customers want what’s selling fast!

5. Propel Sales & Bulk Discounts

  • When hosting a sale, we love for customers to see the “compare at” price. Customers like to know how much they are saving when they shop a sale. Seeing the “compare at” price is more effective than entering a discount code at checkout to encourage customers to complete a purchase during a sale. To use this app, create a collection specifically for your sale, set the dates for the sale, and it will automatically make the changes to the prices. We do recommend using this for a small sale, rather than a large collection because the app can’t handle large amounts of inventory.

Do you use Shopify for your eCommerce site? Have any questions for us or want to know how we can optimize your brand? Schedule a call using this link for more information!

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