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Creating Pinterest Story Pins

Pinterest has come out with an amazing new tool in order to make storytelling easier for creators: Pinterest story pins! This is a great new way for brands to share engaging content with their audience by using visual stories with enhancements including voiceover, image and text overlay, and many more. One of our favorite features is the option for users to save these story pins onto their boards and react at the end of stories by pressing “love”, “wow”, or other options! Even though story pins are currently in beta testing in the US, we still think it’s something to be very excited about.

Now that we’ve discussed the great qualities of the tool, let’s learn how to use it! 

  1. Once you’re into your Pinterest Business account, you will now have the option to select “Create Story Pin”. From here you click the downward arrow and can select up to 20 photos or videos to include in your story pin. 

  2. In order to work on the design of your story, you need to utilize your tools on the right side of the screen. There is a layout option where you choose either a layout for your page or select a background color. To adjust or resize your images or videos, simply click the media you’re trying to adjust. And lastly, click the text option to add a text box where you can select your font, size, alignment, color, and even a highlighter. 

  3. If you want to add more media, click the plus icon on the top-left side. In order to change your layout, background or font on multiple pages, hold shift on your keyboard and select the pages you want to edit. 

  4. Once you have everything selected, click next and select a theme from the dropdown menu to add details to your pin. 

  5. Now you can fill in the information you want to include in your pin. First, you add a title to your pin, then select a public board from the dropdown menu to save your story pin. In order to increase your search optimization, you can also add up to 10 tags to add to your pin!

  6. Now that you’ve perfected your design and content in your story pin, all you have to do is click publish to get your pin out there! 

Story pins for Pinterest are a great and unique way to share your content through your Pinterest business profile. It gives brands a chance to get creative and show their audience what they are all about! Stay tuned for this exciting new feature! Have questions? Send an email to!

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