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How to Make a Video for Your Brand

We’ve all seen them, those amazingly produced, high definition videos advertising our favorite brands. Do you feel like you could never create something like that yourself, but would love to have content like that for your brand? Don’t overthink it, you can most definitely create a brand video all on your own and easily!

Wondering what exactly a brand video is, check out this example from Arbonne International, a popular healthy-living brand.

The goal of a brand video is to tell your story and who you are. It allows you to create connections and engage with your clients in an entirely new way. How do you do this? It can be broken down into three main stages: preparation, creation/production, and sharing the final product.

During the preparation phase, you should aim to decide on a vision. First, look at your competitors and see what types of videos they have created. Use them for inspiration and to get ideas on what you want to be featured in your video. Second, determine the message you want to convey. In other words, what key elements about your brand and your story do you want to focus on. Third, make sure to make a final decision on the length of the video. Fourth, decide on an overall style. Do you want your video to be more fun and casual or promotional and professional? It is key to make sure that your style mirrors your overall digital marketing style so that you can connect your video to all social platforms.

Once you have a clear path and goal of what you want to achieve with the video, it’s time to prepare for the actual creation phase. You need to decide which type of

editing software you will use to create the video. We highly recommend using Canva and iMovie or even a mix of both when creating a video. Then the final preparation task is to look into how you will create the content. Will you need to schedule a photoshoot? Do you already have enough footage to move forward? What types of content do you still need? As a good rule of thumb, we always suggest recording bits of footage throughout time. At a photo shoot, weekly meeting, client correspondents, or even around the office, with these settings you can always catch a few seconds of content that can be used for social content.

Now that you have a vision and a plan it is time to create the video. The first step is to work with your team to create a shot by shot guide. This entails breaking down all of your ideas and creating a map of what the video will look like. It can be broken down by each second or every five seconds. Do whatever works for you, but having a shot by shot guide will assist you in organizing your ideas and making sure you do not forget a desired element. After this, organize all of your already created content, so you know what you already have and then create any additional content. It is finally time to put everything together! Take what content you have and decide which shots need specific graphics and create them before putting everything together. The goal is to have every piece of content prepared, created, and organized before even putting it together. It allows for more efficiency and faster results. Prepare your video in the editing software and go crazy! The last required element is to decide on some music. Pick a tune that fits your desired style and add it in. Then make the necessary edits so that everything flows together. Then, move things around, add new graphics, take things out, do whatever you need. Be prepared for multiple drafts and lots of little nit-picky edits. Once you have made all of your edits and you feel confident in your product, you are ready to share it with the world.

What do you do with this final product? How should you share it with the world? First things first, upload the video to your website. It is a great eye-catching piece to grab people’s attention when they first meet you. Then upload it across multiple social platforms. Start with YouTube and then move on to others. You can even take your final video and create smaller clips from that video to be used as social posts or to be featured on stories. Take advantage of your brand video and use it in new and unique ways across all social platforms.

Check out our brand video below, now!

Still have questions? Message with any comments or questions and we would be happy to help!

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