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How to Not Go Crazy Working From Home

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Some of us are already set up to work from home, and the change in routine is primarily wrapped around never getting to leave.

Others of us are used to having the structure of an office, a specific to-do list, and an otherwise pre-planned life that has you scrambling.

At Ansley Media Co., we are used to working in and out of the office. So we thought we would share some tips.

11 Steps to Working-at-Home Bliss

1. Change out of your pj's even if it's just into workout clothes.

2. Have a dedicated space for yourself.

3. Close your laptop at a specific time each day - we like 10 -6, but if

9-5, or some other time block works for you, do that!

4. Take breaks. Stand up and stretch regularly, throw a few sun salutations in there to get things moving.

5. Play soft music to fill the silence rather than turning on a show.

6. Try Meditating. We know it sounds like a big item on that "never-gonna-get-to list," but we're big fans of Headspace. A super easy to use app that is offering, the "Weathering the storm" collection of meditation and mindfulness content and the "Headspace for Work" resources and tools completely free, no subscription required.

P.S. - Headspace is also offering free Headspace Plus subscriptions through 2020 to healthcare professionals working in public health settings in the U.S. to address rising levels of stress and burnout.

7. Make a to-do list and stick to it - if this has things like walking the dog, clean your laptop, wipe down door handles, etc. on it, these mini-accomplishments will fuel you to keep moving about your day. Every success counts, especially right now, so let that check off your list feel good!

8. Take a lunch break (!!!) whether your skipping meals, or can't stop eating, taking a minute to have a lunch, breaks up the day in a healthy way!

9. It's ok to sit on the couch, but prop your laptop up with a pillow to avoid hurting your neck

10. Keep a glass of water next to you throughout the day + refill that baby!

11. Do a home workout before or after your workday. Some of our favorites are Melissa Wood Health, Blogilates, Popsugar, or a good-ole series of jumping jacks.

If all other exercise attempts fail, pretend this is you,

except you're leaping over your couch.

Try to remember that even though you might be literally alone, or away from your more extensive support system and routines that we (collective WE here) are going through this experience together and you're not alone.

It can be easy to compare and think everyone is doing something better than you are right now, but the best thing you can do for yourself, your business, and your community is taking care of you!

If you're looking for a little uplifting inspo, check out Brene Brown's podcast. A Texas researcher who talks about empathy, vulnerability, honesty, and fear in a way that makes life feel better.

Lastly, be kind to yourself.

Things are more stressful now and tensions are higher, as Winnie the Poo says, be the best YOU, you can be, and leave it at that.

Sending Lots of Love,

Ansley Media Co. Team

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