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16 Specifics To Get People To Swipe For Your Content On Social

What do you use as your go- to attention grabber? People often think that the most effective way to get attention is to use visuals. Whether it be a pretty graphic or a staged photo featuring your product, people often first glance at the image rather than the content on the image. With that said, the words that go alongside your photo are often what really get the consumers attention. 

Consumers like to be told what to do. So as far as visuals that sell are concerned, the wording that goes alongside it is very important. In order to increase action, you need to be sure to give your reader only one thing to focus on. Pick one benefit that your product brings and really hone in on that. 

Once you determine what you’re focused on, you need to get your reader interested as quickly as possible. This can mean a number of things. People often worry that giving too much information can be a bad thing. However, this is not necessarily the case. Whether the wording be long or short, it needs to be relevant. So, in order to convert your audience, make all of your information relevant and intriguing to your audience. 

This also means you need to write for your audience. What does this mean exactly? Use language that your audience understands and uses in their own lives. Even if it means you have to search the web to find old reviews and comments left by consumers to find the lingo, it needs to be done. 

After you have the language and verbal lingo down, make sure you are using some of these consumer- focused words to push your readers to conversion. Our 16 favorite conversion words are…

Now that you know the best way to get your audience to convert using words, give it a try!

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